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Welcome to the Recovered Memories Wiki Project


The goal of this wiki is two fold. The first is to develop a concise database of stories regarding the phenomena of forgetting traumatic events, especially sexual abuse. The second is to develop a collection of well researched articles, academic links, and research papers surrounding recovered memories, repressed memories, delayed recall, dissociation, traumatic memories, supressed memories, forgetting, and amnesia. We use the term Recovered Memories not in reference to Recovered Memory Therapy but instead as a broad term to describe the process of forgetting and later recalling traumatic memories.


If you have experienced Recovered Memories or similar phenomena please contact me at survivorselfhelp@bigfoot.com. If this e-mail is does not work please leave a note in the comment section. Also please contact us if you wish to contribute to this wiki through research papers, etc. Please do not innundate this e-mail address with information on false memory syndrome, if you wish to talk to people about false memory syndrome and how recovered memories are supposed "pseudoscience" please feel free to visit wikipedia. This is not the space or place for it.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ignore the side adds. At this time I cannot afford the cost of upgrading to a non ad-supported version, even though many of the ad's DO bother me!




Basic Information and Research

More Information on Recovered Memories


Theories of how Memories are Forgotten and Recovered

Theory of Dormant Memories


Personal Stories

Nicole's Story

Sabrina's Story


About Us

Meet Our Staff

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